International Day of Friends! 30th July

On Saturday 30th July we celebrate International Day of Friends. In honour of this day we decided to ask resident Care Manager of Ascot Care Agency, Julie, a few quick questions about becoming a Dementia Friend and what it means to her.

Why is being a Dementia Friend important to you?

J- Understanding people with dementia, and the difficulties they face is a huge issue at the moment. Dementia and its symptoms are progressive, meaning they get worse. At the moment there is no known cure for dementia therefore it’s important to me to help the community as much as possible.

What is your role as Dementia Friend Champion?

J- I volunteer and promote Dementia Friends through Information Sessions which aim to inform on the personal impact of dementia. As a Dementia Friend Champion I also aim to inform people how they may help with the disease.

What are your 3 Top Tips for helping people with dementia?


1) It’s important to remember that there’s more to the person than just the dementia. Cognitive functions of the person may deteriorate but their dementia does not define them.

2) Focus your energy on what the person still does have, not on what they may have lost. You should also turn your attention to what the person feels rather than what they remember.

3) Visit the Alzheimer’s Society website for a comprehensive advice on how to understand the disease.

How do you become a dementia friend?

J- Email and we can sign you up to our next Information Session. There you will learn five key messages about dementia including a little bit about what it feels like to live with dementia and how you can help.

This International Friends Day, please don’t forget those around you who may have Dementia.

Please visit these sites for more information: