It's officially World Ice Cream Month!

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It’s officially World Ice Cream month! Find out how this sweet treat can help provide sensory stimulation for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Recent studies suggest that sensory stimulation can help decrease agitation and restlessness as well as improve sleep patterns of those suffering from various forms of dementia. These common symptoms can be found in most types of dementia and almost certainly in people with Alzheimer’s. Any type of sensory stimulation can provide a much needed quality of life boost for the patient or client as well as for the caregiver.

Sensory stimulation is, quite simply, anything that stimulates one of our five senses. In many ways taste can be the most pleasurable of our senses and taste is very closely linked to our sense of smell, a key factor in reminiscences. Often a childhood favourite meal or a particular dish experienced on perhaps a holiday can trigger a flood of recollections.

As it’s Ice Cream Month why don’t you take someone you know with dementia out for an ice-cream? Or even better, find out where your local ice cream van delivers… Let the familiar jingle and the taste of a 99 bring back some very cherished memories.