Dementia Awareness Week

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Dementia Awareness week is being supported all over the nation in many various ways. At Ascot Care Agency, we supply health care professionals who are specially trained in dealing with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Our agency staff are continually increasing their knowledge with training programmes and learning facilities. If you are new to the care industry and would like to learn more about dealing with dementia patients, or have experience and want a refresher course, or someone who cares for a family member in your own home, and just wants some knowledge on techniques to deal with dementia, Ascot Care Agency have COURSES AVAILABLE. We offer dementia courses at various times throughout the year, where this can be face to face learning in classroom, or if preferred, online courses available, to be completed at a time suitable to you. For more information on courses available through Ascot Care Agency, please contact us and we will advise the best options for you.

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This week across the country is Dementia Awareness Week. Dementia Awareness Week unites individuals in the workplace and communities to take action to improve the lives of people living with dementia.

Every 3 minutes someone in the UK develops dementia and not just in the elderly as you would expect. Dementia sufferers can feel cut off from community life, lose friendships and feel they are facing the condition alone.

Living with dementia doesn’t mean living a life in isolation. With the help of others, being brought to the nations attention by schemes like the dementia awareness week, people can continue to socialise, travel and take part in their favourite activities.

You can help raise awareness in many ways this week. You could put on your own event and display posters, become a Dementia Friends Champion, who are trained volunteers who deliver information sessions to help encourage people to learn about living with dementia, these sessions could be held at a local school or community centre. You can find out more about becoming a Dementia Friends Champion by visiting You could help fundraise for the Alzheimer’s society, hold a tea party, raffle or quiz, more advice on this can be seen at

Things to remember when helping in anyway on the awareness week are to make your dementia events, dementia friendly,

  • Include people with dementia and have them play an active part.

  • Be prepared to adjust your setting to help dementia sufferers feel comfortable in their surroundings.

  • Having adequate seating, changing/toilet facilities, natural light and not too noisy are all things to consider to have a successful event.

Read the link to see how you can make your event dementia friendly.

This May is Mental Awareness Month


May sees the country educating and bringing awareness about mental health for all ages and many different types of mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are effecting thousands upon thousands of people around the world every day, gaining access to the right information is vital if you are someone suffering with an illness or supporting someone who needs your help.

Mental illness can effect the way you think, feel, behave, cause sleep problems and stress. It is commonly described using everyday words like depression and anxiety, which is easier to understand but can also lead to being underestimated in its severity.

At Ascot Care Agency we try to help in all areas of the care industry, not just with our own health care professionals. Sufferers of Alzheimer’s with the side effect of depression, need to be listened to and treated on an individual basis, many different routes to treatments for the most effective outcome are available. All our staff are highly trained and continually up-skill themselves, for the benefit of residents in their care and to educate others. If you are someone wanting to become trained in mental health issues then Ascot Care Agency provide bespoke training courses for this very area of care, regardless of where you see yourself helping, whether it be with young people in schools or elderly residents in homes. Ascot Care Agency can provide exceptional traning courses, online and in class at times to suit you. Contact the agency for further details.

Besides our own care homes, Ascot Care support a North East community interest company called Noggin Sport. Noggin Sport produce and supply a clothing range where all profits are donated to help raise awareness in mental health, in this case they are helping sportsmen and women who have to deal with high pressure sporting events. Ascot Care have helped by donating and buying beanie hats for the Durham University Rugby Club. If you would like to help Noggin Sport, please view their website



Do you need our help? Temporary staff always available.


At Ascot Care Agency we specialise in the provision of care staff to our clients. We have a large database of qualified nurses and care assistants to cover any shortfall in staffing you may have, whether that be a couple of days to cover holidays or longer periods of time. Our staff are professional, reliable and all hold in-date and valid certificates in every aspect of care as well as references and an enhanced DBS check.

For more information on the services we provide, click the link below to view our temporary staffing solutions leaflet.

Awareness in April

This month there are many areas within the care industry amongst others, which we are making people aware of, by promoting the importance of the issues and what we can do, to become more knowledgeable about the topics.

In modern times being up to date with Health and Safety is paramount. With regulations changing we want you to keep up to date and Ascot Care Agency can offer training courses in this very area. We offer health and safety online training courses or classroom based training at various times throughout the year. Our courses are CPD approved, so if you need extra hours to comply with the governing bodies regulations, then this is an ideal way to top up. Many people who are interested in health and safety go on to complete courses in fire safety and slips, trips and falls, all which Ascot Care Agency can provide.

Other areas we are making people aware of this month are in Allergy Awareness and Stress Awareness. Again these are all areas which need to be considered. Residents with depression and Alzheimer’s may feel stress more easily than usual, so as a care professional, having the correct training in how to deal with this is of great importance. Courses dealing with stress management are available.

Working in care means every resident needs to be treated individually. Understanding allergies caused from food, medication and air pollution is vital. To know how to prevent a reaction, and how to deal with possible life threatening situations, we offer courses in this area. Many people who have taken the allergy awareness course, go on to complete courses in food safety and hygiene practices, all of which are CPD approved.

For further information on courses available through Ascot Care Agency, please call or email our office.