Ascot Care Hero Salute

On the eve of Armistice Day as we go about our busy lives it’s often easy to forget and take for granted the sacrifices of those that have served and those that are still serving. Our very liberty and freedom is the enduring legacy of these brave service men and women.

At Ascot Care we are not only committed to providing our elderly veterans with the quality of life they deserve, but are equally committed in maintaining our close relations ships with the 1820 foundation and Hire a Hero who we have helped to raise funds and awareness for.  Both organisations help brave heroes and their families who return to civilian life and are in need of some extra support. From training, housing, employment and care they provide a clear pathway toward stability and a better future for those that have served on our behalf.

Our next ever popular charity golf day is just around the corner as well as some other exciting fundraising events through which we will continue to provide support to military charities.

This armistice day as we remember our brave heroes of the past let us not forget those in the present and the personal battles they face when they come home.

Ascot Care Sponsors Golf Day for MND

On Friday 22nd September, Ascot Care was a proud sponsor of the 6th charity golf day in aid of MNDA at the Wilton Golf Club in Redcar, hosted by Jon Hinchliffe.

Motor Neurone Disease affects the nerves in the brain and spinal cord that sends messages to the muscles, causing them to weaken and stiffen. The golf day helped raise funds for the Cleveland branch of Butterwick Hospice, close to Ascot Care’s head office. The money raised will go towards Therapeutic treatments for both suffers and carers in Stockton, available every Friday.


Our Tribute to the Soldiers of Passchendaele

Yesterday, the Commonwealth paid tribute to the fallen soldiers of Passchendaele on the centenary of the day the battle started. At the special ceremony held at Tyne Cot cemetery in Belgium, Prince Charles, along with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prime Minister Theresa May, lead the nationwide tributes to the 320,000 Allied forces lost during the 3 month long battle that ended in November 1917. The service saw poignant letters and stories read out of the soldiers who bravely fought, which brought home the true courage of all those who have served in the military back then and today.

Ascot Care and our incredible team members want to also reiterate the tribute to those lost during Passchendaele and add our own appreciation and gratitude by continuing to support military charities and helping military veterans in any way we can.

For several years now, we have been supporting and helping raise money for military charities, including 1820 Foundation who focus on helping ex-military personnel and their families financially, and Hire a Hero who help ex-military personnel move into employment, training, housing and care. Our ever popular Charity Golf Day is just one of the events we hold to raise awareness and funds and will be returning soon to Close House in Newcastle. 

We are very honoured to be fully committed to supporting The Armed Forces Covenant, a pledge from ourselves as a company and our team members within it to treat those who serve or have previously served in the military along with their families with fairness and respect. 

Recently, Ascot Care has begun work with two forces support officers and are helping them to get in touch with veterans born prior to 1950 (67 years of age and above) who may not know they are eligible to veteran badges, medal entitlement, as well as recognition and thanks. For their work in the military.

The support officers are also looking to help families to receive full-service records of loved ones who have previously served so they can celebrate and appreciate their courageous military careers.

Ascot Care Fully Supports The Armed Forces Covenant

Ascot Care is honoured to be fully committed to supporting The Armed Forces Covenant, a promise from the nation that those who serve or have previously served in the armed forces and their families are treated with fairness and respect. 

The covenant supports members within the armed forces community and helps them gain access to government and commercial services and products as any other citizen. This support includes education, housing, employment and financial assistance. 

The Armed Forces fulfil a responsibility to face danger at the risk of injury, and sacrificing some civilian freedoms, while their families play a vital role in supporting the operational effectiveness of the Armed Forces duty. The armed forces covenant recognises that the whole nation has a moral obligation to support and respect members of the armed forces and sets out the relationship between the nation, the government and the armed forces. 

The Covenant is supported by the community covenant, which encourages local authorities and communities to help integrate the armed forces into local life and nurture the public understanding of issues affecting the armed forces community. It is also supported by the corporate covenant, a public pledge from businesses and organisations who are committed to their support of the armed forces community and demonstrate through recruitment and training. 

Find out more about The Armed Forces Covenant here.


Ascot Care Salute Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is back on Saturday 24th June where we all show our support for the men and women who are part of the Armed Forces community. With celebrations taking place throughout the UK, the day welcomes everyone to show their appreciation for those currently current serving to veterans, cadets and Service families.

Starting on Monday 19th June, when the Armed Forces Day flag will be raised on buildings and landmarks around the country, there are so many opportunities to get involved including special events in town, city centres and within local communities. Take a look at the handy map here to see what is happening close to you.

UKMCC in Bahrain

At Ascot Care, we have been continually supporting two fantastic charities which raise awareness and funds for military personnel transitioning into civilian life.

1820 Foundation lays focus on supporting ex-Armed Forces struggling with personal or social issues, as well as helping children and families who have lost family members during the course of military service.

With a range of events hosted by the charity, from sports and endurance challenges to social and fun events, there are plenty of ways to actively take part in helping build awareness for the 1820 Foundation, including our bi-annual Charity Golf Day.

Another of the charities we support is Hire A Hero who assist ex-military personnel in moving into employment, training, housing and care. They work in partnership with public, private and third sector organisations to provide a network of support to lead service leavers to appropriate resources.

The Charity Golf Day

Ascot Care is a platinum sponsor of the Hire a Hero Gorillas, a rugby club used to promote the charity and raise awareness and funds. Our staff participate in events and also volunteer their time out of office to help raise awareness and funds for Hire a Hero as well as the 1820 Foundation and will continue to do so in order to demonstrate our support of the military.

Showing your support on Armed Forces Day helps boost moral for the troops and their families. Click here to find out more on how you can help support and celebrate.