Awareness in April

This month there are many areas within the care industry amongst others, which we are making people aware of, by promoting the importance of the issues and what we can do, to become more knowledgeable about the topics.

In modern times being up to date with Health and Safety is paramount. With regulations changing we want you to keep up to date and Ascot Care Agency can offer training courses in this very area. We offer health and safety online training courses or classroom based training at various times throughout the year. Our courses are CPD approved, so if you need extra hours to comply with the governing bodies regulations, then this is an ideal way to top up. Many people who are interested in health and safety go on to complete courses in fire safety and slips, trips and falls, all which Ascot Care Agency can provide.

Other areas we are making people aware of this month are in Allergy Awareness and Stress Awareness. Again these are all areas which need to be considered. Residents with depression and Alzheimer’s may feel stress more easily than usual, so as a care professional, having the correct training in how to deal with this is of great importance. Courses dealing with stress management are available.

Working in care means every resident needs to be treated individually. Understanding allergies caused from food, medication and air pollution is vital. To know how to prevent a reaction, and how to deal with possible life threatening situations, we offer courses in this area. Many people who have taken the allergy awareness course, go on to complete courses in food safety and hygiene practices, all of which are CPD approved.

For further information on courses available through Ascot Care Agency, please call or email our office.