Be prepared for cold weather


At this time of year, sadly the cold weather is the cause of most illnesses and deaths in elderly people more than any other time of year.

In the winter months we ask you to be ‘Cold Aware’, looking after yourself and others.  If you have elderly neighbours, friends or family, why not check they are ok, offer to collect their shopping or a prescription. Pop in to check they have all that they need, as cold conditions can affect people suffering with depression and dementia. 

The cold air of winter months is often dry and can cause irritation to those with respiratory problems. The cold air thickens the blood and increases blood pressure, sometimes resulting in heart attacks, strokes, increased arthritis, accidents and falls.  This is why it is so important to be ‘Cold Aware’ for ourselves and others around us.

Be prepared and check the weather forecasts on television and radio, or the Met Office website, Twitter page, or call their direct weather desk on 0370 900 0100, or 01392 885 680.

If you are making your way outdoors, dress appropriately, wear several layers rather than one thick layer.  Most of the body’s heat is lost through the head and neck, so make sure you have your hat and scarf.  This is applicable even if you are indoors, many people will think because they are inside, they will be ok, but if the temperature is too cold, keep the hat and scarf on along with socks and slippers.

For you to stay safe, the ideal temperature in your home, is to keep your living room at least 21°C and the bedroom at a minimum of 18°C, remembering to keep your windows closed and curtains drawn.

Remember to be ‘Cold Aware’ and for any more information visit